About Us

High Quality Private Volcano ToursAloha!

Welcome to Lavaland Hawai’i

Our company specializes in providing the highest quality nature-centric outdoor experiences for our guests.

Our mission is to increase environmental literacy through direct personal experience with nature.

We believe Hawai’i’s native ecosystems are irreplaceable treasures to be celebrated, protected and restored.

We’re fortunate to be able to share glimpses of them with our guests, who we hope will grow in understanding and delight through their experiences with us.

We hope you will join us in appreciating, protecting and celebrating the marvelous life that still endures, in Hawai’i and beyond.

Our Commitment to the Environment:

Because we live here and we love this land we genuinely believe in protecting it.

Nature is our focus.

We are committed to treading lightly in the natural areas we visit, using no off-road vehicles or other alterations to the land for the purposes of recreation. We don’t specialize in high adrenaline activities because for us nature is the thrill!

Our itineraries are designed to let you explore, and learn about the island’s unique geology and living ecosystems, rather than shopping, or other tourist oriented venues.

Our groups are smaller than most other tour companies’. For our standard road tours we take a maximum of only 12 guests per guide, which allows for a safer and more intimate experience of the places we visit.

We strive to provide recycled materials wherever possible with the highest content of post-consumer waste. We use only rechargeable batteries for our flashlights. We recycle and compost everything we pack out.

We are proud to offer healthy, locally grown and organic food choices for our guests, including vegetarian and vegan options. We are committed to supporting our local and organic farmers.

Our business and field offices are both 100% solar powered.

We do our very best to respect the land and culture in every place we visit.

  • Lava Activity Update

    Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park remains closed due to the current volcanic activity but we're hopeful we'll be able to resume tours soon. We'll post any new information here as we receive it. Please check back!