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Hawaii Lava News

Great Lava! 12-20-17

great lava tour hawaii

Great lava flows continue on Kilauea’s coastal plain: Great lava can still be found on Kilauea’s coastal plain if you know where to find it – and we do! Just in time for the holidays, come enjoy one of nature’s most beautiful gifts on a tour to active lava with us. Last month lava stopped…

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Lots of Lava! 11-25-17

lava tours hawaii

Lots of lava remains if you know where to look:  There’s still lots and lots of lava to see on the coastal plain right now for those who can hike and that’s great news! It’s not so easy to find right now unless you know where to go but we can get you there. Lava…

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Great Surface Lava 10-27-17

great surface lava tours

Great Surface Lava Flows Continue: Great surface lava has been flowing on the coastal plain – and plenty of it. Yesterday we scouted a few miles of the flow field to check on conditions and we’re happy to report there’s still plenty of active lava! Recent changes in the rate of flow at the ocean…

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Surface Lava Still! 7-14-17

surface lava up close

Surface lava continues to be active on the coastal plain: Surface lava flows have continued this week on the coastal plain. Our guests enjoyed seeing some great surface activity and good views at the ocean entry. Yesterday HVO field geologists reported that the new flow front had stalled on the coastal plain and no surface…

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New Lava Breakouts! 7-10-17

new lava flow, active lava tours, stand next to lava, see lava in hawaii

New Lava Flows Reach the Coastal Plain: New lava flows are producing surface lava once again as breakouts above the pali reached the coastal plain in early July. Our guests have been very happy to see lava up close. The recent activity has been near the base of the pali in an area that could…

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Great Surface Lava!!! – 6-5-17

grest surface lava lava tours

Great surface lava continues on the coastal plain: Great surface lava still abounds on the coastal plain and our recent guests have been absolutely stoked to see it flowing right in front of them.   New flows coming down the pali have been feeding some great surface lava activity for the past few weeks. We’ve…

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New Surface Lava !!! 5-19-17

new surface lava flows, lava tours

New Surface Lava Reaches the Coastal Plain:   New surface lava flows have finally reached the coastal plain as of yesterday! For the past month or so surface flows have been inching down the Pulama Pali from breakouts high along the tube system and just yesterday the tip of this very wide flow finally made…

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Active Lava Forecasts 4-26-17

Lava Forecast, Predicting Lava, Lava Tours

Active Lava Forecasts: Can you predict what lava flows will do? Active lava forecasts can’t be found in the newspaper or online next to the weather. You won’t find them posted in Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park or even at the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory. The reason is that nobody can predict what will happen with…

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Lava Tube Skylights

lava tube skylight, lava tours

Lava Tube Skylights – A Dangerous Beauty:  Lava tube skylights form when part of the roof of a lava tube collapses. In the case of active lava tubes, these skylights allow a glimpse of the gorgeous super heated river of glowing lava below. But hidden danger also lurks beneath their beauty. Since the crusts of active…

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Lava Delta Collapse 10-2-16

lava tours, lava delta collapse

Lava Delta Collapse at Kamokuna Ocean Entry: Lava delta collapse is one of the most dangerous phenomena associated with lava viewing at an ocean entry. Yesterday evening, a small portion of the currently active eastern Kamokuna Ocean Entry lava delta collapsed into the sea, sending enormous billows of steam and fragments of hot lava into…

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