Lava Bike and Hike Tour

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Lava Bike and Hike

Our popular Lava Bike and Hike Tour lets you get down the road faster on bikes and then features a hike across the lava fields to see active lava. Now specially priced at just $115.00!

Why choose our Lava Bike and Hike Tour? You’ll see active lava or your money back!!!
And here are just a few more reasons why Lavaland serves up Hawai’i’s best Lava Tours: 

Our experienced professional guides will get you to the best activity on the lava field safely via the easiest possible route, saving you valuable time and energy that you can spend enjoying the amazing lava flow. 

You’ll also get:

  • Secure patrolled parking
  • Small group size of 14 guests maximum
  • A ride both ways in our passenger vans to the access road’s last gate (saving you 4 miles)
  • Bikes and optional helmets
  • Waterproof backpacks, drinking water, zip-up rain jackets, high powered flashlights, seating pads, gloves and quality light snacks 
  • A fun and fully narrated tour of Kilauea’s lava fields, including local geology, ecology, history and cultural significance
  • Prime lava viewing time from dusk through dark
  • A legal, fully permitted, licensed and insured tour
  • Excellent customer service and support
  • Guaranteed active lava or your money back

Now bargain priced at just $115.00

If you prefer a walking-only tour to active lava check out our Lava Hikes HERE (You will see all the same things on either tour)

*You must be fit and in good physical condition to do this tour. Please be sure to read ALL tour requirements, meeting time and location, and other details on this page before booking. Viewing conditions, distance and duration are subject to change. 

Lava bike and hike lava tours

Our Lava Bike and Hike Tour is an afternoon through evening tour which begins with a leisurely bike ride (up to 3 miles round trip) past otherworldly lava formations where the coastal village of Kalapana once stood, before being covered by lava in 1990.

Then, after a hike across the lava fields, you will have an intimate experience with one of nature’s most awesome forces. You’ll witness the creation of the planet’s newest land as you see active red lava. We’ll watch as evening falls to see active lava in its full glory and then return you safely back.

Our seasoned lava guides all have years of experience on the lava fields and understand the mechanics of how lava behaves very well. We’re out at the lava flow almost every day, so we know where to take you to find the most vigorous activity available, over the safest and smoothest routes.

Visiting the lava with an experienced professional lava guide is a must – especially if you want to be there to see the lava’s most spectacular show after dark.

We are able to offer Lava Bike and Hike Tours only when there are active flows and conditions are safe. 

What you will see on the tour:

Volcanic activity is highly variable, changes from day to day and is impossible to predict. Our guides will take you to the best activity available on the day of your tour. If there is no accessible lava on the day of your tour you may choose to reschedule for another day, if possible, with priority placement or we’ll refund you in full.

Because conditions can change suddenly you’ll want to be sure to check your messages the day of the tour in case of changes in activity or tour status.

For more information about what you’ll see click here: Lava Flow Conditions

Interested in a Private Lava Tour?

Contact us for pricing and details herePrivate Lava Tour Inquiry

Lava Bike and Hike Tour Details

Meeting Time4:30 pm
Meeting LocationKalapana Lava Viewing Area

Please note the meeting point for this tour is not in, or near, Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park or Hilo, but is over an hour’s drive from either place. Transportation is not included on this tour so you will need a rental car to get to us.

Also, there’s no address for the meeting location and GPS navigation systems do not work well here. 

Below is a rough map of our meeting point location for this tour with approximate driving times. We’ll send you detailed written directions to the meeting point with your confirmation email. 

lava tour meeting point

Tour Duration: 3 – 6  Hours

A combination of biking and/or hiking for a total distance of about 4-8 miles round trip, depending on conditions. The bike ride may be up to 3 miles round trip but may be less due to conditions. The hiking distance also varies based on activity.

DifficultyModerate to Challenging

The access road has a few hills and loose gravel in patches. Lava field terrain is extremely rough, uneven and rocky. (There is no trail). Weather conditions can vary widely and include intense sun, rain and wind. The return hike and/or bike ride will be in the dark. Volcanic gasses (including sulfur dioxide) may be present. Lava viewing conditions do vary due to ever changing volcanic activity.

Minimum Age: 14 years

Children must be able to ride a bike and must have parental supervision at all times. (We can accommodate children 12 and up on Private Lava Bike and Hike Tours. Contact us for details.)


You will see some of the newest land on the planet forming before your eyes as hot, molten lava flows from Kilauea Volcano. See lava in its full glory after dark, on our very popular lava tours.

Provided on This Tour:

Rain jackets
Flashlights (Powered by rechargeable batteries)
Drinking water
Water-resistant backpacks
Bikes and helmets

Price:  $115.00 (+ tax)
What to Bring and Wear:

Sturdy lace up shoes with good deep tread and thick socks higher than your shoes. (See more below)

Shorts are okay and will probably be more comfortable
(convertible shorts/pants are a good option for protection and comfort)

You might want to bring a light jacket or long sleeved shirt in case it gets chilly in the evening.

About Shoes:

Good, sturdy lace-up shoes with deep tread are essential to your safety and comfort on the lava. For this hike you MUST have good running shoes or hiking boots. If you do not have good shoes you can buy an inexpensive pair of running shoes in Hilo or Kailua-Kona and, if possible, wear them a day or two before.You can see some examples here: Footwear for Lava

Please note: we cannot take anyone who does not have adequate footwear. If you’re not sure your shoes will work for this tour just contact us and we’ll be happy to advise.


Important Information:

This tour is not for everyone. Participants must be fit, and in good physical condition. The current tour will be a combination of hiking and/or biking totaling 4-8 miles round trip.  

If the guide believes you are not able to safely proceed at any point, or you are unable to keep up with the group, you will not be allowed to continue with the tour and must turn back. Please note we are unable to issue refunds for guests we have to turn back.

We cannot take anyone with preexisting health conditions including but not limited to: hip, knee, ankle or foot issues, recent surgeries, vision problems, poor depth perception, night blindness, poor balance, osteoporosis, heart conditions, asthma, hemophilia, allergies to sulfur, lack of stamina, any serious health problems, anyone who is significantly overweight or women who may be pregnant.

Have More Questions? Check out our Lava FAQ for answers here: LAVA FAQ


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