Great Lava! 12-20-17

Great lava flows continue on Kilauea’s coastal plain:

Great lava can still be found on Kilauea’s coastal plain if you know where to find it – and we do! Just in time for the holidays, come enjoy one of nature’s most beautiful gifts on a tour to active lava with us.

great lava tour hawaii

Last month lava stopped flowing into the sea at the Kamokuna Ocean Entry but it sure hasn’t stopped on the coastal plain and the active breakouts have been truly amazing to see. 

Surface lava breakouts have been scattered over a wide area since the ocean entry stopped, and activity has moved around quite a lot from day to day over many square miles of lava field. Because our guides are out there almost every day and do a lot of scouting homework ahead of time we’re able to get you to the very best activity.

great lava flow

Active breakouts are now located farther from the access road and much of the terrain is particularly rugged through this part of the lava field. It would be hard to locate active lava there if you don’t know what you’re doing – and we’ve run across a few very tired, lost folks who’ve tried it on their own. There are also many lava tubes out there from this and earlier eruptions, which are dangerous to cross, that the untrained eye probably wouldn’t recognize. Our experienced professional guides will get you out there and back safely on the easiest route possible so you can relax and enjoy your time at the active lava flows.

From the location we start our tours the total distance has been between about 4-5 miles round trip for the past couple of weeks. These tours are not for everyone but if you are reasonably fit and in good physical condition you can still see some great lava flows here on Kilauea with us.

For more information about our tours click here: Lava Hike Tours or Lava Bike and Hike Tours.

We also offer Private Lava Tours with a bike and hike, or hiking-only option. You can contact us for more information about those here: Private Lava Tour Information

Lava isn’t always active or accessible on Kilauea, but this holiday season we’re blessed with an abundance of great lava. Come see it with us! Aloha and happy holidays from everyone at Lavaland.


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