Great Surface Lava 10-27-17

Great Surface Lava Flows Continue:

Great surface lava has been flowing on the coastal plain – and plenty of it. Yesterday we scouted a few miles of the flow field to check on conditions and we’re happy to report there’s still plenty of active lava!

great surface lava tours

Great surface lava continues to flow on Kilauea. – Photo: Lavaland Hawai’i

Recent changes in the rate of flow at the ocean entry have caused some to wonder if the lava flows may be weakening, but that’s not what we’ve been seeing on the ground. Over the past weeks we’ve seen active flows over a wide area of the coastal plain. Active flows do move around and change but active lava abounds if you know where to look for it. 

see active surface lava flow

There’s plenty of active lava if you know where to look. – Photo: Lavaland Hawai’i

Guests on our recent tours have been able to see good activity at the Kamokuna Ocean Entry as well. Recently, pahoehoe flows from the top of the cliff have been visible flowing onto the lava delta. These flows have intermittently reached the sea. 

Recent flows have covered up the many large deep cracks which span the unstable delta parallel to the sea cliff. You can still see good activity from the safety of land. 

ocean entry lava tour

Lava continues to enter the ocean at the Kamokuna Ocean Entry. Photo: USGS-HVO

There’s no way to say how long these active flows will last so if you’re on the island now, or you plan to visit in the near future, be sure and take this opportunity for a once in a lifetime experience.

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We’ve got great some great surface lava flows right now so get em while they’re hot!

great surface lava flows

Many surface lava breakouts were active yesterday. Photo: Lavaland Hawai’i