Great Surface Lava!!! – 6-5-17

Great surface lava continues on the coastal plain:

Great surface lava still abounds on the coastal plain and our recent guests have been absolutely stoked to see it flowing right in front of them.  

New flows coming down the pali have been feeding some great surface lava activity for the past few weeks. We’ve seen a nice wide area of pahoehoe flows near the base of the pali and the activity is still going strong. 

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You can see the latest map from HVO-USGS below of the current flows powering this awesome recent activity. The new flows coming down the pali from breakouts high up on the tube system (in bright red) are all located well within the boundaries of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (in yellow). The flows above the pali are all within the State owned Kahauale’a NAR (in pink), which has been closed since 2007 due to significant hazards. There is no active lava on any private land (in blue) at this time.

great surface lava

The most recent map of active lava flows from HVO with overlay – HVO-USGS

Getting to these new surface flows requires a good level of fitness and is not for everyone. But if you are reasonably fit and can handle a 5 mile round trip hike across the the lava field’s rough uneven terrain and a bike ride of about 3 miles round trip on the gravel road then you can come see it with us!

Safely hiking in this area requires the knowledge and skills of a professional guide who is very familiar with the changing terrain. All of our guides know the lava field very well because we’ve been out almost daily during the current flow and have seen the ongoing activity first hand. Our guides will get you safely to and from the active flows on the smoothest, easiest routes available.

Come see the best of the new great surface lava safely with Lavaland!!! 


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