Lava Activity Update

Lava Activity Update: 7-20-16

The Lava Activity Update for this week includes some photos from the week’s Lava Bike and Hike Tours, the latest scoop from the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO), and our recent observations of the active lava flow.

lava hike tour

A few of this week’s guests enjoy watching a brilliant pahoehoe breakout. Photo: Lavaland Hawai’i

The tip of the flow has stalled about half a mile from the ocean, but there’s plenty of activity just up slope, if you know where to look. The flow is now widening out along the coastal plain and our guests this week were treated to lots of beautiful fresh pahoehoe breakouts along the flow margins.

lava tours see lava up close

Our guests watch the active edge of a flow margin as they wait for the real show to start at dusk. – Photo: Lavaland Hawai’i

lava flow active lava tours

The flow tip has stalled about half a mile from the ocean and the flow is widening. – Photo: USGS-HVO

Our guides are out at the lava flow almost every day, so we’re in the know about what’s going on with the flow. Our seasoned lava guides all have years of experience on the lava fields and understand well the mechanics of how lava behaves under different circumstances.

When we see changes, we’ll often scout the flow field prior to our tours so we’ll able to take our guests to areas with the most vigorous activity, over the safest and smoothest route. In addition to understanding lava flow dynamics, our guides are also excellent navigators over the challenging terrain and will always put safety first.

These are just a few of the many reasons you should always visit the lava with an experienced professional lava guide – especially if you want to be there to see the lava’s most spectacular show after dark. Come join us for a Lava Bike and Hike Tour.

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active lava tours hawaii

Close up of a fresh pahoehoe breakout. – Photo: Lavaland Hawai’i

Over the past week Kilauea has undergone slow but steadily inflation. The summit lava lake has remained at a relatively high level, and our guests have been able to see red lava spatter from Jaggar Museum Terrace on several of our park tours this week.

The coastal lava flow has remained steadily active, much to the delight of our guests on the Lava Bike and Hike Tour. Lava also remains visible on Pulama Pali, moving along the border of the now abandoned Royal Gardens subdivision. The upper portion of the flow is forming a lava tube system, so streams of red lava are not as prominent as when the flow first descended the cliff a few weeks ago. But frequent breakouts along the pali portion of the tubes, and glow from numerous skylights are still visible after dusk. 

flowing lava, lava hikes

A fragment of Orchid Street is visible in one of the of the last bits of Royal Gardens left uncovered by lava.  – Photo: USGS-HVO



  • Lava Activity Update

    Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park remains closed due to the current volcanic activity but we're hopeful we'll be able to resume tours soon. We'll post any new information here as we receive it. Please check back!