New Lava Breakouts! 7-10-17

New Lava Flows Reach the Coastal Plain:

New lava flows are producing surface lava once again as breakouts above the pali reached the coastal plain in early July. Our guests have been very happy to see lava up close. The recent activity has been near the base of the pali in an area that could be potentially dangerous if you don’t know where to go. Our guides know the terrain very well and will get you there on the safest and easiest routes. It’s still a good hike in and out but if you’re in reasonably good shape it’s an experience that’s not to be missed!

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Our guests standing next to new lava flows on one of our recent tours. – Photo: Lavaland Hawai’i

So far these pahoehoe flows have been very fluid and have spread out quite a bit. There’s no telling how long they’ll remain active. 

see surface lava, Hawaii lava tours

These new lava flows have delighted our guests with abundant surface flow for the last week. – Photo: Lavaland Hawai’i

For the first few days this breakout was visible coming down the pali, but since then it has tubed over. It looks like a pretty substantial tube because you can see it degassing during the daytime from quite a ways away. It has continued to deliver active pahoehoe flows down to the coastal plain as of this writing.

hawaii lava tours

Another great night out on the lava with Lavaland! – Photo: Lavaland Hawai’i

Surface flow is not always active. It frequently starts and stops without any warning and we always feel fortunate when we’re able to see it. There’s no way to predict what the volcano will do next but for now it’s just gorgeous!

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lava up close in hawaii

Active lava breakouts galore on a recent tour. A misty camera lens is responsible for the accidental but very cool effects. – Photo: Lavaland Hawai’i